Purity Distillery



About Us
Purity is an award winning craft distillery that can be found at the 13th century Ellinge Castle in Southern Sweden.
At Purity Distillery we only have one motivation – to produce the best tasting spirits in the world. It’s a simple statement that is very difficult to achieve. For the last decade every decision is based on that one criteria. From choosing the best organic ingredients and mineral-rich soft natural water, to spending years refining our unique distillation process. Every step matters, because the taste matters. That’s all that counts. Our aim has always been to produce an outstanding spirit, one that relies on artistry, a dedication and a vision of being the best in the world. To taste Purity Vodka is to know that it’s different, and superior to the herd. An elevated spirit.

Purity has earned more than 200 international awards for taste, smoothness, and sustainability.