Phusion Projects



About Us
Phusion Projects, LLC, is a Chicago-based beverage company that sells its products including Four Loko, Mamitas, Basic Vodka, Moskato Life and Earthquake nationwide.

The company is a small business success story! Phusion Projects was founded with a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan in 2005 by Chris Hunter, Jaisen Freeman and Jeff Wright. Today, it is a thriving national company with more than 200 employees. Additionally, Phusion Projects is proud to contribute to thousands of jobs across the U.S., including those at hundreds of beer distributors.

From the company's inception, Phusion Projects has been committed to making contributions to communities, operating as a responsible member of the alcoholic beverage industry and setting unmatched standards in this regard. More information is available on Phusion's corporate giving programs at www.phusioncares.com and the company's responsible drinking efforts at www.phusionresponsibility.com. To learn more about Phusion's products, please visit www.drinkfour.com.

For a more detailed look at the company's history, please review the Phusion Projects Timeline.