Papa's Pilar



About Us
nspired by Ernest Hemingway's spirit of adventure, Papa's Pilar is an artisan-crafted spirit that reflects rum's gutsy roots. Rum was once a noble spirit. It was served aboard warships, rationed to visionary explorers, and used to sustain the Founding Fathers as they plotted revolution. Rum was consumed by men who understood that you only get one shot at life. Standing still, they’d say, was a waste of valuable time. Ernest Hemingway was this type of man – an adventurer who lived life to the fullest. He indulged us with glimpses of a vibrant life by stitching together distant cultures, passions, and people using the power of the written word. Inspired by his appetite for adventure, we’ve proudly created a super-premium rum: Papa's Pilar. Born of the finest rums, each is hand-selected throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the U.S. for their age and distinct character, then married together in our unique solera aging and blending process. Papa's Pilar, in both Dark and Blonde incarnations, represents the original spirit of rum. Bold and well-traveled - just like Papa.