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Food products and beyond…

Our mission is to provide each and every one of our millions of customers with some added value that is beyond just food. Our customers don’t just eat to live…they also live to eat. This is why our products have got to be more than just the best, most satisfying and highest-quality goods on the market. Our products must also touch, arouse, excite, pamper, and form a steady, ongoing emotional bond with the customer. An emotional bond that will reduce the guilt feelings generally associated with almost every kind of food today. A bond that will turn the food into something that elicits emotion, that touches upon the customer’s senses and passions…something redolent with scents, flavors, forms and colors, sensations and emotions…food that catches the eye, and then touches and arouses each of the senses.

Our vision at Osem has always been to grant each and every one of you a little something beyond food, a nutritional experience of high quality, rich taste and diversity. We invite you to discover our wide range of products (Bamba, Bissli, Couscous, Gratify Gluten Free, and more) that is part of every household in Israel.