About Us
Founded in 1986, our vision is to market and distribute category-leading Latino, natural and organic brands to the United States and the rest of the world. Our industry-leading knowledge of the Mexican and American consumer, along with a philosophy of investing in brands through long-term, fully integrated marketing strategies have driven our success and helped bring the Hispanic and natural products culture to the world.

We want to create a world of socially responsible entrepreneurs, passionate to awaken interest in the Hispanic culture and natural products in the world.

We are the world leader in the marketing of Mexican soft drinks, one of the main importers and distributors of Mexican groceries in the United States and a vehicle for the growth and development of natural and organic beverages.

Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, our company provides our strategic partners with major market sales offices, state of the art bottling facilities and world-class warehouses in key geographic areas for distribution to the United States and the world.

Our knowledge of our consumers’ language, lifestyle and culture, as well as a deep understanding of their purchasing behavior through years of research and marketing strategies comes from our humble Mexican roots. We invest in research that is relevant to our consumers, and we create advertising and promotional campaigns that penetrate the market through smart creative that is backed by our deep understanding of who our consumer is and where they are going.

Founded in 1986, Novamex was the brainchild of two entrepreneurial families, the Hills of Mexico City and the Fernandez of Chihuahua. Together they combined their knowledge of bottling, distribution, and creative soda development in a singular vision: to export authentic Hispanic products to the United States.

In the last two decades, this partnership has grown and is now one of the top Hispanic product exporters in the United States. Starting with only two products, the company has grown to over 160 SKUs of category-leading drinks and food products. And it boasts a compounded annual growth rate of 29 percent since 1990, selling more than one billion consumption units annually.