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About Us
Welcome to a world where NOW is awesome. Here the days are sunny, the breeze is fresh and the spritzers only have 110 calories.
Our naturally fun spritzers are available in four refreshing flavors: Watermelon Mint, Peach, Grapefruit and Cherry Lime.  Give your life a spritz at the beach, pool, patio or anywhere that you have a thirst for something fruity, fizzy and fun.

The inspiration for a new spiked spritzer struck here in Austin, Texas. 
Mighty Swell Spritzers were born of a desire to create a better ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage—one that uses premium ingredients and the kick of carbonation—that you can stash in your cooler as you hit the lake, pool, beach, or golf course.  Austin’s laid-back yet active vibe inspired us to strike that perfect balance between being on-the-go and relaxing in the sun with an ice-cold drink in your hand. You can currently find Mighty Swell in twenty-three US states and abroad. 

Three founders are better than one. 
Entrepreneur Sean Cusack knew he had a killer idea with Mighty Swell. Who better to team up with to bring that vision to life than CPG & beverage industry pros Clayton Christopher (Deep Eddy Vodka, CAVU Ventures: Bai, Bulletproof, Kite Hill, Chef's Cut, High Brew Coffee, Waterloo Sparkling Water) and Daniel Barnes (Treaty Oak Brewing & Distilling Company). The three founders wanted to be proud to list the ingredients on the can — so you won't find any sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate or red dye #3, and Mighty Swell is naturally gluten free. 

With premium ingredients and can portability, Mighty Swell Spritzers are the aforementioned Austin inspiration brought to fruition.