Lavit LLC



About Us
At Lavít, we take water personally.  Our revolutionary multi-patented single serve water cooler is personalizing the way people drink water where they work, shop, and soon, where they live - by providing individualized still and sparking water and delicious beverages at the touch of a button.  Lavit beverages, including those from leading brands, are crafted with zero preservatives at just 10 calories or less per 12 ounce serving – so Lavit fans are making the smarter choice for health and hydration every time.  

In addition, all Lavit beverages are uniquely eco-friendly coming from 100% recyclable capsules that are just 1/7th the aluminum of a soda can. Finally, Lavit commits funds to provide clean, safe drinking water to those in need around the world.  Water, it's personal to us, because we know it's personal to you. 

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