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About Us
Wine education, tasting experiences, and collecting opportunities are at the core of Italian Wine Merchants. As is the case for all of the offerings from IWM, the condition of every bottle—current releases and vintage wines—is guaranteed by temperature-controlled storage, authenticity and provenance. We bring the world's best wine to our customers.

IWM caters to collectors and enthusiasts across the United States. Led by CEO Sergio Esposito, IWM specializes in hard-to-source wines and provides personalized attention throughout each client's discovery and selection process. Widely considered the leading authority on Italian wine today, Esposito has more than 20 years of industry experience and personally selects 100% of the Italian wine offered at IWM.

Portfolio Managers at IWM work to establish short and long-term goals for collecting and cellaring. Beginning with the initial palate analysis, our specialists provide a unique experience based on personal preferences. They also introduce clients to a wide variety of styles and types of wine from around world to increase general knowledge and appreciation of wine from both the Old and New World. Like a financial analyst or private banker, the Portfolio Managers work to develop a balanced portfolio of:

• Everyday wines (ready to drink now)
• Wines to lay down (collectible bottlings, for cellaring)
• Wines to impress (wines for entertaining)

With a retail store and private event space located in New York City, IWM also provides specialized wine collector and cellar management services through its sister company, IWM Cellars.