Hotel Tango Distillery


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About Us
Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery is America's first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery and the first in Indianapolis, IN since Prohibition

Founded in 2014 by Travis Barnes, three-time combat-disabled Recon Marine war veteran, Hotel Tango got its start in Indianapolis with the help of Barnes’ wife, Hilary. The distillery's name reflects the foundation of the brand, inspired by Travis’ military background. Using the NATO phonetic alphabet, “Hotel” and “Tango” is derived from the first names of founders, Hilary and Travis. Hotel Tango currently produces seven artisan spirits and is distributed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Texas and on military bases across the U.S. Hotel Tango also operates two Tasting Rooms (Indianapolis & Fort Wayne) where our mission is to create unrivaled experiences and artisan spirits anyone can be proud to serve. Learn more at hoteltangowhiskey.com