About Us
hims is a brand dedicated to men’s health and wellness. men lose nothing by taking care of themselves. and yet, most guys don’t like to acknowledge the importance of personal care. hassle-free prevention and solutions now exist, which means hanging on to problems is a little weird. 

that’s why we made hims: the one-stop shop for trusted self-care solutions that address hair loss, skincare, sexual wellness, and beyond. we educate men to take action early on, and provide them with the attention they need. because let’s face it: prevention is so much more effective than denial. 

men are allowed to want to take care of themselves (and we encourage it). 

thanks to hims, men now have easier, more affordable access to the prescriptions, products and information they need to be well. at hims, we believe nothing looks as good as healthy feels. 

trusted. fda-approved, medical-grade products that are personally recommended by our top-notch medical team. ll out our online consultation for a thorough assessment and prescription results within minutes. 

easy. taking care of yourself doesn’t need to involve a doctor’s waiting room. you can access our products online from the comfort of your room and, while you’re at it, ship directly to your door. 

affordable. you save big - all of our products are up to 80% less than what’s currently offered over the counter or through your local pharmacy.