HERBL Distribution Solutions



About Us
Beginning in early 2016, CEO Mike Beaudry founded HERBL with the idea of bringing collaborative solutions to a complex and transitioning industry. Two years of full-time research on the industry, coupled with decades of high volume perishable distribution experience have guided HERBL to create a best in class cannabis distribution model.
Serving specifically the State of California, we are laser focused on all areas of our business: our customers, our supply partners, and our team members.
We provide world-class service, delivering products of the utmost quality, which have undergone the highest standards of testing to assure the safety and health of the consumer.

HERBL provides supply chain solutions to the industry with the use of innovative technology, information management experts, security specialists, and sales/marketing professionals. Utilizing proven distribution methods, our model is based on a perishable supply chain strategy that emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction. We are the final gate of quality inspection and testing; additionally, we provide tax collection and fulfill all state reporting requirements.
All of HERBL’s products will come from state licensed cultivators and manufacturers, which are thoroughly vetted and approved by HERBL.
We are distribution professionals, guided by a proven team with extensive experience in cannabis and quality-assured perishable distribution.

Passion with Purpose, Naturally.