Green Glass Global LLC



About Us
Green Glass Global is a tightly knit band of independent, commissioned brokers of wine, spirits, bar mixers, and CBD beverages. Our mission is to elevate the relationship between buyers and sellers by always putting the customer FIRST.

Our culture is unique in the industry. We loath corporate BS and all that goes along with it. We don't try to put square pegs into round holes. You can work when you want, how you want and call on the customers you want. We're fiercely independent. We're a very flat and transparent organization.

What do what is says on our business cards: we SELL. We put products in front of all the buyers on our suppliers wish list. We are very connected within the industry and have all built our reputations on service, dependability, and trust. We leverage technology like no one else to bring customer service to an unprecedented level. In short, we care about individual people and we listen.

Our specialty is on and off premise chains large and small but we can and do service any account, anywhere. To check out the brands we represent click here.