Gran Sociedad Tequila



About Us
Gran Sociedad is a family-owned Mexican company with the mission of sharing the richness of Mexican culture with the rest of the world.  The company owns its own agave plantations in “Los Altos de Jalisco”, which is about to obtain a particular denomination of origin because of the richness of the tequila it produces.
After more than 3 generations of producing tequila for the most recognized brands, we decided to take all that we have learned to create an exceptional handcrafted tequila according to an ancient process under the name Gran Sociedad. 
In 2021 we introduced Gran Sociedad Joven Tequila, a prestige small-batch tequila that preserves the quality of the agave, giving each harvest its unique tasting notes. In 2022 we will expand the portfolio with a Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.
Gran Sociedad is working closely with local artists, architects, and chefs to bring the best that Mexican culture has to offer to the USA, with the intent to give back to the communities that produce the tequila in Mexico.
Gran Sociedad wants to inspire us to share meaningful moments with the people that are most important to us.