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About Us
On the day of April 27th, 2011, Cullman, Alabama was turned upside down. While devastation hit hard, something was brewing in the midst of destruction. An old high school friendship rekindled and the passion for making good beer was sparked. Our two brew masters had a solid reputation of homebrewing, designing new beers, and perfecting the American and German classics. When the two began to collaborate and brew together, magic happened and the synergy took their beer recipes to a new level. You could call it a true brewmance (bromance with brews). Behind the scenes stood the rest of the brew crew. Disguised as a rocket scientist, a geologist, an insurance agent, and a cop, these four beer connoisseurs came together and decided it was time to share the love with others. What started out as a simple fantasy was in the process of becoming reality. New beer was invented, dreams were fueled, and plans were made to birth something this town had never seen since the 1800s: a craft brewery. Goat Island Brewing was established in early 2015 on a foundation of friendship and a firm belief that it is never too late to go after your dream. So before you begin to cast your judgement, these old goats know good beer and invite you to experience with them how “Life is too short to drink baaad beer!”