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About Us
David Frost Wine is a boutique-wine brand from South Africa with a close tie to the golf community (PGA Tour & PGA Champions tour). David Frost is a 10 time PGA Tour winner with over 30 wins world-wide and has been named Golf’s original wine-maker. Unlike many athletes or celebrities who lend their name to the brand, David Frost and his family have been in the wine business in South Africa for over 70 years. His father’s vineyard was the first place he hit balls and fell in love with the game of golf. Through his successful career on the PGA Tour David was able to buy a 300-acre Vineyard in the Paarl region of South Africa in 1994 where he officially continued the tradition of vineyards in the family. 

Today, David Frost Wine, is sold nationwide at Trader Joe’s and at various on and off premise locations throughout Texas, New York, Florida, California, & Michigan.