Fizzy Beez, LLC



About Us
During Covid lock down, Annika Sorenstam and her husband Mike McGee started mixing drinks after being tired of all the no flavor, watered down RTD’s on the market. They wanted something with full flavor, but without all the calories and sugar in a real homemade cocktail! After months of mixing and tasting with friends, Fizzy Beez was pollinated. Annika asked her pickle ball friend and wine consultant Kathy Johanson to join the hive.
The two “busy bees” who are always on the go, decided to create four ready-to-drink, classic cocktails sweetened with a touch of pure organic honey and a few other clean, simple ingredients. Both athletes, entrepreneurs, and former vintners; have many years of business experience between them, & both had charitable foundations with the mutual goal of continuing to give back and inspire others where possible!