Duvel Moortgat USA





About Us

We are not going to claim that working for an independent, family brewer like Duvel Moortgat is as spectacular as landing on the moon, but it is nevertheless very special. We have been brewing for four generations now, since 1871. Since the very beginning our family is devilishly possessed by the quality of every drop, every barrel and every bottle of the 1.4 million hectoliters of specialty beer that we produce annually. We use the best, natural ingredients, with a great deal of patience and respect for the planet. Almost 1,400 colleagues (soon 1,401?), from Puurs to Shanghai and from Lyon to Cooperstown, Kansas City and Paso Robles (USA), apply themselves enthusiastically to their task every day. We even achieved a top-ten place in the list of Belgian companies with the best reputation. #Proud. Maybe it’s the scent of Duvel in the air, maybe it isn’t half bad to work here. Just come and check it out. With gems like Duvel, La Chouffe, Liefmans, Maredsous, De Koninck and Vedett, we can captivate fans of specialty beers both in and beyond Belgium.