Compass Coffee



About Us
Compass History

We got into coffee during our time in the Marines.

It began as a source of energy during training, but slowly it developed
into a ritual as we got stationed and then deployed to Afghanistan
together. As our approach to coffee evolved, so did our understanding of
it. We started experimenting with different roasts and different brewing
methods. Soon we came to a startling realization: coffee didn’t have
to be bitter and harsh or weak and flavorless. It could taste good. Real
good. But so few places were delivering on the promise trapped inside
each coffee, that when we got out of the Marines, we set out to change
that. The result is Compass Coffee.

About Compass

A compass is a simple object.

It has two essential functions: it helps you get your bearings and it points you in
the right direction. We think about good coffee the exact same way. We took
our name to honor this profound simplicity and utility. We made the points of
the compass our logo as a reminder that, if they do nothing else, our coffee and
our cafés will always help our customers get their bearings and point them in
the right direction for the rest of the day.

Compass Coffee is dedicated to making real good coffee. Nothing fancy,
nothing too crazy or hard to pronounce, just really good.