Cocktail Squad, LLC



About Us
Cocktail Squad Founders, Lauren and John Maggio, launched their products based on an educated guess, and some good luck and timing…

Lauren was born and raised in New Orleans, so it’s fair to say that the Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler attitude runs deep in her soul. A few years ago, Lauren was immersed in the world of raising four young children.  Actively trying to find a balance between her old and new life, she rarely had sitter back-up and dinners out were not a frequent affair.  Often times Lauren and John were passing ships, but when they could, they would steal away to catch up. On one such occasion, the couple met at the bar of a new restaurant in Boulder, and had a great cocktail… they found themselves with idle time the very next evening, decided on the same bar, enjoying that same enticing cocktail. Lauren realized that while indulgent and certainly fun, this was not real life, so she asked for the recipe and the bartender kindly obliged.  

Three liquor stores and $103 later, she had the makings for an elevated craft cocktail… Lauren thought, “wouldn’t other adults appreciate the ease of a fully-loaded, ready-to-drink portable cocktail?” Lauren and John had been actively investing in businesses and pursuits that embodied a balanced lifestyle: health and wellness and enjoyment, defining pillars of Boulder living.  

With John’s 20+ years of experience leading and guiding companies in the food and beverage arena, Lauren knew she had the beginnings to something special. John’s career had been built on the premise that one “can’t create culture”. In short, it doesn’t happen in a lab and most times it finds you instead of you finding it.

Cocktail Squad is that next thing, coming from passionate founders, from Boulder, Colorado, the heart and soul of so many great products.