Clase Azul Spirits



About Us
Clase Azul was founded in 1997.  It is a luxury spirit brand with a full range of ultra premium agave-based distillates from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. We proudly work  with a growing number of local artisans each one of our decanters and fully support Mexican artistry from ancestral distilling methods to indigenous craftmanship.  We work together with local environmental agencies and organic agave farmers  therefor we are able to minimize our carbon footprint.   Focusing a lot on our production  methods on of up-cycling, minimizing waste output and using clean energy in our distillery. Nowadays, Clase Azul Spirits is proudly distributed across 55 countries around the world. We work with a lot of enthusiasm,  try to improve the lives of our team members and captivate the world through the spirit of Mexican culture.