California Dreamin'

About Us
You’ll be an early employee at an early stage Y Combinator funded company with a multibillion dollar opportunity ahead. We’re California Dreamin’ and we’re introducing the mainstream to cannabis beverages with our California Dreamin’ line of low dose, all natural cannabis sodas.

We believe that the future of cannabis consumption is through beverages and that the current market of heavily dosed edible products (think 100mg drinks and 1000mg cookies) only serves a small segment of the potential mainstream market. 

California Dreamin’ is a delicious all natural cannabis soda being distributed across California through our partners. Made simply of fruit juice, cannabis, and carbonation, our drinks are carefully crafted to give you a light social high. California Dreamin’ is the first product line and brand of many that we plan to produce.

We currently are a team of 3: Amy, our CEO and Cofounder, Peter, our COO and Cofounder, and Jonathan, our Head of Marketing. We’re part of Y Combinator’s 2018 Winter batch and we all have significant experience from startup stage through Series B.