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About Us
Begun by the founder of the most successful whiskey startup to come along in the last 100 years, Bhakta Spirits is about reviving forgotten flavors, exquisite taste, and entrepreneurial vigor to the liquor industry. 

Beyond that, we are an able team of innovators in the food/beverage, entertainment, hospitality, and education spheres, and we possess all the resources necessary to excel in this broad scope.

Our founder, Raj Peter Bhakta, is the pioneer of this lofty mission. As the founder of WhistlePig, Raj led the rye whiskey boom and pioneered the farm-to-bottle ethos. Between 2010 and 2019, Raj grew WhistlePig to one of the most iconic whiskey brands and a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, from ancient Armagnac, to global whiskey, to American rum, his eponymous endeavor seeks to unearth the finest and please all palates. He also just so happens to have bought a college and plans to transform it into a hospitality, business incubation, and food + beverage hub.

We recently launched a new spirit - one that has aged for five generations, making it the rarest and most exquisite in the world. We’re unabashed optimists looking boldly into the future while cultivating deep roots in the past.