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About Us
People always want to know how we got the name 34 Degrees. The answer is Sydney, Australia. Thirty-four degrees is the latitude of Sydney—the city where our company founder Craig Lieberman discovered his passion for food and wine while attending grad school. It’s also where he got his first taste of Australian crispbread, the inspiration for our thin and crispy crackers. In 2003, Craig launched 34 Degrees and began importing specialty foods from Australia. But like many long-distance relationships, this arrangement had its share of challenges. Eventually, Craig’s desire to bring his business and his love of food closer to home illuminated the need to take the company in a new direction. In 2008, he discontinued his importing venture to become a manufacturer focused exclusively on making 34 Degrees crackers in Colorado.
Simply to make the very best crackers that are as good on their own as they are with a little something extra — especially when that something extra is cheese. Taking pride and pleasure in what we do today, knowing that our creativity and commitment to innovation will elevate our customers’ enjoyment of 34 Degrees Crisps tomorrow.