We Are People For A Hire Purpose

ForceBrands is the leading strategic recruiting firm for consumer brands. Our industry-specific divisions — BevForce, FoodForce, BeautyForce, HerbForce, and PetForce — help employers connect to specialized talent at all levels.

Josh Wand. Founder & CEO

Our History

It all started with a mojito.

I ran a rum company in the early 2000s where I built deep industry relationships from my experiences hiring my team, managing business development, and running a national sales and distribution network.

The idea for ForceBrands can be traced back to the conversations I had in 2006 when I was promoting our brand at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami. I was making mojitos with my feet in the sand when someone from a champagne company approached me and asked, “I’m looking to hire a Regional Sales Manager; do you know anyone?” It was the question that started it all. A few minutes later, I met someone from a different champagne company who asked me, “I’m interested in changing jobs. Do you know anyone who’s hiring?” And just like that, my professional matchmaking career was born.

It was this simple interaction that cultivated within me a desire to fill a specific need in the market that didn’t exist at the time: high-quality recruiting for the beverage industry. The few recruiting firms that did exist in the space were either traditional agencies with a limited candidate pool or big firms that knew nothing about our specific industry, emerging brands, or entrepreneurial companies. I knew there was a better way to connect great people to great jobs. In 2007, BevForce was launched.

Equal parts expertise and heart.

We have built a fully remote company, with employees across the US., that strives to engage with job seekers and employers in a real way — getting to know their strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the future. From day one, we wanted to collaborate with clients as friends and trusted colleagues in the pursuit of transformational goals.

While the ForceBrands’ portfolio has expanded over the years — creating distinct divisions, each with an intense focus on consumer brand categories — we remain true to our core principles. We approach recruiting through a human lens, recognizing that the connections we’ve established and the relationships we’ve built are the heart of what we do. We’ve always measured our success in clients and candidates who tell us that we’ve changed the trajectory of their lives for the better.

Meet the Team

Sean Conner
Co-Founder, Chief Progress Officer
JP Silvashy
Chief Technology Officer
Rachel Mayse
Josh Wand
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Alex Clarke
Chief Growth Officer
Julie Fabricant
Chief Marketing Officer
Andie Turitz
Annette Kim
Manager, Client Strategy
Jade Rowland
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Liz Archibald
Executive Recruiter
Rose Massa
Senior Executive Recruiter
Rachel Doueck
Senior Director, Client Strategy
Marion Price
Senior IT Analyst
Elizabeth Osman
Executive Recruiter
Eva Scofield
Division Director, Client Strategy
Daniella McBride
Head of Creator Partnerships
Justin Sligh
Client Success Manager
Adina Vella
Senior Director, Executive Recruitment
Allisyn LaBarca
Creative Director
Shaun Kelleher
Digital Marketing Director
Anna Johnson
Senior Partner
Brittany McGarr
Lead Software Engineer
Nina Lapenta
Bruce Brustmeyer
Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations
Erin Linfonte
Manager, Client Strategy & Operations
Jennifer Tierney
Team Lead
Connor MacWilliams
Senior Director, Executive Recruitment & Operations
Hannah Touby
Team Lead
Leah Pointer
Billing Collections Specialist
Brooke Westley
Senior Executive Recruiter II
Danielle Weiss
Emily Wallace
Senior Executive Recruiter
Nina Anguiano
Senior Executive Recruiter
Madison Burch
Executive Recruiter
Montserrat Larson
Excutive Recruiter
Abigail Rassel
Team Lead
Marisa Symeonides
Senior Executive Recruiter
Simone Schroeder
Senior Director, Digital Client Strategy
Jessica Tully
Senior Director, Client Strategy & Operations
Daniel Sivertsen
Director, Client Strategy
Rebecca Fryer
Senior Editorial Director
Christine Darwin
Senior Executive Recruiter
Eric Rosen
Client Strategist
Melissa Golden
Division Director
Jade Vitt
Account Strategist
Ruthie Liggett
Senior Executive Recruiter
Rhonda Taylor
Executive Director - Impactful Search
Griffin Bradley
Executive Recruiter
Megan Aguirre
Senior Executive Recruiter
Siera Stoffel
Accounting Supervisor
Lauren Nitting
Associate Director, Executive Recruiting
Lisa Lanza
Team Lead
Adrienne Eagan
Instructional Designer
Amy Donahue
Executive Recruiter
Diana Mercer
Full Desk Recruiter
Dustin Cherry
Director, Client Strategy
Bailey Brown
Senior Executive Recruiter