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Posted March 25th

Key Account Manager

Boulder, CO

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Green Spoon Sales


Broker and Consultant

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Posted March 25th

Key Account Manager

Boulder, CO








Full Time

About The Position
Green Spoon is a natural food brokerage representing the most disruptive and emerging food + beverage brands in the industry. We are seeking a positive, passionate, and detail-oriented Key Account Manager based in Boulder, Colorado.
Key Responsibilities: 
1.    Develop and strengthen relationships with assigned Key Accounts, and their buyers & distributor account managers. 
2.    Develop positive and trusting relationships with all principals as the primary point of contact for these key accounts. Address concerns and resolve issues. 
3.    Be proactive in supporting retailers, distributors with store openings, distributor tabletops, industry shows, grand opening deals, etc. 
4.    Be proactive in recommending ways to increase sales for principals in these accounts. 
5.    Submit promotional plans and any paperwork in a timely fashion to all Key Accounts. 
6.    Present new items during category review process for all Key Accounts. 
7.    Develop and recommend strategic /sound promotional plans for key principals. 
8.    Collaborate with leadership team to generate ideas for growing our Principals’ business. 
    •    Positive Attitude 
    •    Attention to Detail 
    •    Proficiency in MS Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint 
    •    Excellent Time Management Skills & Ability to Multi-Task 
    •    Interest in Natural/Organic Food and Products 
    •    Access to reliable transportation to get to meetings and carry samples 
    •    College Degree Preferred 
    •    Natural food/grocery experience required 
·       Job Location: Boulder, CO 
·       Position Type: Full Time, working out of HQ office (This is an office job, not a field rep position) 
·       Minimum Experience Required: 3+ years industry experience 
If interested, please send resume to 
Boulder, CO