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The newest edition to the ForceBrands portfolio, HerbForce will help cannabis companies grow their teams.

Job Board Credit Pricing

Purchase one credit or multiple credits at a time, or buy a package to receive additional discounts.

1-5 Job Credits
$275/per post
2-4 Credits $225/credit
5 Credits $200/credit
10 Credits
$185/per post Save 33%
25 Credits
$150/per post Save 46%
Subscription Plans
Get new job posting credits every month.

The Right CPG Talent In Three Steps - Credit, Post, Hire

Instant access to a highly targeted audience of food, beverage, beauty, and cannabis professionals.

  • Nationwide audience
  • Full-time account manager
  • 30-day active job listings
  • Job credits that never expire
  • Applicant management dashboard
  • Job post analytics
  • Social media promotion
  • Tech support