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Posted May 3rd

Process Controll and Automation Technician

Jacksonville, FL

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Posted May 3rd

Process Controll and Automation Technician

Jacksonville, FL






Full Time

About The Position
Direct, organize and coordinate programming activities. Provide management, subcontractors, and customers with scope of work and validate results of the integration to existing systems in place. Provide solutions and lead continuous...
About the Role
Direct, organize and coordinate programming activities.  Provide management, subcontractors, and customers with scope of work and validate results of the integration to existing systems in place.  Provide solutions and lead continuous improvements with up-to-date technology that ensures effective and economical support concern for manufacturing or servicing of products, systems, or equipment by performing the following duties.  Promote and support continuous improvements, quality of the process and safety in the workplace.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge and use experience installing and troubleshooting analog process control loops and associated instruments.
  • Must be able to diagnose, repair or replace faulty industrial electronic components
  • Demonstrate a strong proven working knowledge and ability to design, install, program, maintain and troubleshoot the following (or equivalent) hardware and software:
    • Allen Bradley/SLC family using RSlogix 500 software
    • Allen Bradley/PLC 5 family using RSlogix 5 software
    • Allen Bradley/Control Logix family using RSlogix 5000 software
    • Allen Bradley/HMI Panelview family using Panelbuilder 32 software
    • Allen Bradley/HMI Panelview plus family using Rsview ME software.
  • Must be able to design, install, maintain and troubleshoot industrial control networks.
  • Demonstrate ability to assess and correct control, communication issues with automated production equipment and complex processes in a timely and efficient manner to ensure production uptime.
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge and ability to troubleshoot and improve bottling line regulations and control loop.
  • Demonstrate good working knowledge of Bottling Lines as Critical Machines, V- Graphs, and conveyor accumulations.
  • Ensure that all current data and program files relevant to the electrical department are backed up on to the Network 
  • drive.
  • Ensure that all PLC, HMI and communication software is up to date with the latest revision.
  • Operate change over and maintain coding machines (video jets, laser printers), vision inspection systems and other plant equipment.
  • Install control devices such as switches, relays, and motor starters.
  • Test and measure electrical components and circuits using the following instruments:  AC/DC multimeter, loop calibrator and oscilloscope.
  • Wire and troubleshoot motor control circuits, AC/DC motors, transformers and facility lighting fixtures on single and three phase circuits.
  • Troubleshoot wiring problems, detect /correct hazardous equipment conditions following NEC standards (including Class I, Div I).
  • Communicate with Lead Electrician regarding daily assignments and reports status of electrical operations within industrial facility.
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge and ability to install, program and troubleshoot Allen Bradley VFD’s (or equivalent).
  • Demonstrate the ability to design, document and lead new control projects; working independently or in teams, and ensure communication between all departments and vendors.
  • Demonstrate a strong ability to read, troubleshoot and update electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic blueprints.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of electrical safety (NFPA 70E), ability to comply with all company safety requirements and standards (i.e.:  ISO-9000, FDA, GMP, and HACCP).
  • Mentor electricians on programming issues.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Must be able to work any shift and/or overtime as required.
Measures of Success

Employee Engagement - Drive sustained improvement in engagement and enablement, as measured through the Employee Engagement Survey (EES)
Talent: Deliver against talent management activities as measured via the Talent Scorecard (or other vehicle if not captured at this level).

Critical Experiences for Success

High school or equivalent
Vocational/specialized training to include advanced SLC programming, Contrologix programming and Panelview plus programming

5-7 years industrial electrical work
2–3 years manufacturing environment experience.

  • Ability to perform as an Electrician 
  • Must have valid Duval County Electrical Journeyman’s License or Masters Electrical License 
  • Must possess documented work experience involving commercial, industrial, heavy industrial and technical control experience. 
  • Must posses and apply strong communication, documentation and organizational skills  
  • Ability to multi-task and be detail oriented  
  • Proficient in personal computing, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes  
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated and dependable  
  • Strong commitment to team concept  
  • Good problem solving and trouble-shooting abilities 
  • Good training capabilities

Our Ways of Working
Our family legacy has positively influenced our ways of working and has shaped the values to which our employees aspire. We’re caring, like a family, and not only internally, but also in the wider communities in which we operate. This is demonstrated by our commitment to both act responsibly and promote the choice to drink responsibly. We trust one another, and through that trust are able to forge strong teams and networks that empower our matrix organization structure. We’re passionate, reflecting our Latin heritage, and this means that we commit more than just time to our work: we commit energy, heart and soul. We are dedicated to being a role model in our industry, and we approach everything we do with Integrity First. Together, our values help us create what we’re most proud of: our True Heart and Winning Spirit – both in our home markets and across the world.
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Jacksonville, FL