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Posted November 24th

Production Manager & Distiller

San Diego, CA

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Posted November 24th

Production Manager & Distiller

San Diego, CA






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About The Position
Position Summary
In charge of overseeing and executing daily production, operations, planning production schedules, assessing project resources and requirements, and select ordering if necessary. Tracks inventory and spirits production for in-house inventory and TTB tax purposes. Puts in place maintenance and cleaning schedule, supervises production assistants.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities 

• Planning and organizing production schedules and project timelines. 

• Assessing project resources and requirements to ensure we have all the required materials, tools and space allotted to finish projects.

• Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials needed for aforementioned projects.

 • Quality control to ensure consistency of flavor, texture, and aroma from batch to batch. 

• Overseeing production processes and ensuring daily goals have been completed to the highest standards of quality set in place by the company culture.

• Implementing a regular maintenance and cleaning routine as preventative measures for contamination by unwanted bacteria or fungi, as well as keeping the equipment in proper working order.

• Tracking grain and spirit usage and movement within our storage, production and processing accounts for in-house and TTB tax purposes. This also includes botanicals, adjuncts, bottling supplies, and finished product.

• Supervising and motivating the production assistants.

• Interacting with customers or clients to explain the distillation process and company culture (i.e. leading tours,  a one-on-one conversation, at an event booth, etc.)

• Work with superiors to implement company policies and goals.

• Develop and implement a training program for staff and Standard Operating Procedures.

• Plan and execute research and development tasks for new products and formulas.

• Ensuring safety guidelines are followed to reduce the risk of injury and liability to the company, and eliminate potential OSHA violations.

San Diego, CA
Function Details
  • Reports To Founder & CEO