Yes Whey LLC d/b/a Broken Shed Vodka



About Us
Broken Shed Vodka, is the award-winning Vodka from New Zealand. It sustainably uses pristine natural resources to produce a superior vodka with only 3 ingredients, whey distillate and our special blend of 2 waters. a mineral and spring water. Nothing else goes in the bottle. No additives, no glutens, no GMOs, no added sugars.

Broken Shed Vodka LLC is run by a team of experienced leaders from the US distilled spirits industry. They are joined by a dedicated street team working across the USA as “boots on the ground” to promote Broken Shed Vodka, build trade relationships and program the brand effectively. 
Broken Shed is aligned with top distributors in the USA, including SGW&S, RNDC/Youngs, Breakthru, Horizon, Lipman Bros, TN Crown, Romano Beverage, Badger, Great Lakes and Major Brands creating a powerful distribution network across 22 US states in addition to distribution in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Broken Shed's Street Team also represents a growing portfolio of select craft brands in the market.