Willie's Superbrew



About Us
Willie’s Superbrew is a hard seltzer blended with real fruit. It’s gluten free and low in carbs and calories, like you’d expect from a seltzer, but there is so much more flavor because instead of artificial or “natural” flavors, we’re using real ingredients. We believe people deserve to know what’s in their drinks, those drinks should be made with real ingredients, and real ingredients taste better.

It all started when a surfer named Nico and a goat farmer named Willie met over a game of beach volleyball. Willie shared his ginger brew, and they started selling it at Cape Cod farmers markets in 2015. Five years later, we’re a growing team doing everything we can to change alcohol! With distribution across New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Willie’s Superbrew is quickly becoming one of the largest regional hard seltzer players, all while consistently winning a reputation as the best-tasting hard seltzer on the market.

Voted the Best Hard Seltzer 2 years in a row at the first ever hard seltzer competition, Fizz Fight, and winning multiple gold medals in international competitions year after year, Willie’s has cemented itself as a craft contender in this ever-changing category. From flavor aficionados describing it as “a tasty, spiked beverage that packs more punch than the average hard seltzer” (Vinepair 2020), to industry analysts describing us as “small, but snowballing. They’re the seventh largest seltzer player in the Boston area... and the ninth largest in New England (Craft Business Daily 2020), Willie’s is a favorite across the board.