Wild Poppy Juice Company





About Us

Gold rushes come and go in California, but farming is our heritage. Born in these fertile soils is Wild Poppy. We’re a beverage company committed to supporting sustainable organic farming. All our drinks get their flavor from real organic fruit. We’ve found that when you use just a few great ingredients, the taste is surprisingly fresh and delicious. And that’s really what Wild Poppy drinks are all about taste. Don’t your taste buds deserve a little liquid goodness?

Wild Poppy Juices

Wild Poppy Juice has been tantalizing tastes buds since 2011. Our craft fruit drinks are made in small batches with organic fruit juice.  From there, we infuse this fruit with organic spices from around the world to create a unique, memorable line of shelf-stable flavors. 

Wild Poppy Sodas

Wild Poppy is excited to offer soda lovers a new soda option. A soft drink that both your taste buds and your body will appreciate. Made from only the simplest of organic ingredients. Wild Poppy Soda contains organic fruit juice, sweetened with organic cane sugar for a delicious, authentic soda experience. With no artificial coloring or flavorings, Wild Poppy Soda retains the natural color and freshness of its fruit.