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Posted September 18th

Inventory Analyst/Planner

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Posted September 18th

Inventory Analyst/Planner









Full Time

About The Position
White Leaf Provisions is looking for a motivated, self-starting, analytical, data-driven, excel wizard for the cross-functional role of inventory analyst who has a desire to develop and implement the skills of a demand planner.  This candidate thrives in a fast-paced role and wants to grow and graduate to a more senior position and make this role theirs.  

This role will be unique in that you’d come in as an inventory analyst, make the position yours, and then begin to seed the role to gain aspects of demand planning.  A hybrid of sorts. You will be assisted by a strong forecasting platform and the ability to migrate the Excel-based inventory tool into an MRP system in the near future.  

This individual should be excited by the concepts of data analytics, communication, and proactive problem solving as these will be necessary to execute the day-to-day function. 

You will be reporting to our CFO, and Ops Director working alongside our Sales Team and using our sales forecasting software.  This role will work daily to maintain accurate inventories in our main warehouse, DTC Fulfillment warehouse as well as maintain consistent inventory reports at Amazon FBA.  You will be able to decipher, analyze, and understand distributor reports (UNFI/KeHE) and have access to SPINS and other retail partners’ portals. 

This role will be responsible for the oversight of our company-wide inventory accuracy by partnering cross-functionally with various teams to ensure accurate receipt of inbound inventory from our manufacturing partners, to our current warehouse inventories as well as maintain detailed inventory plans that allow us to see when we need to order new inventory for all product lines. You will need to interpret our distribution partners’ warehouse reports as well.  

Key responsibilities of the position include:

  • Proficient Excel capabilities with experience in analyzing large data sets (will be required to demonstrate capabilities)
  • Strong communication skills and openness to admit when you may have a lapse in understanding and asking for assistance
  • Strong problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Ownership of inventory management as a whole - Responsible for maintaining organized inventory across internal Excel systems, warehouse portals, and distribution warehouses at all times, identifying and correcting discrepancies, and analyzing the root cause of discrepancies. (currently through Excel but will migrate to an MRP in the future, once inventory management tools are perfected)
  • Daily management of systemic inventory adjustment and inventory alignment including the daily posting of inventory journals. 
  • Monthly warehouse reconciliations across 2 warehouses
  • Monthly inventory reconciliations among manufacturing partners (raw materials, packaging, and finished goods) 
  • Strives to learn and partner with brand operations in order to target a 99% fill rate with our distribution partners
  • Working alongside our ops team to maintain inventory accuracy in our partner warehouses as well as our distribution partners
  • Work in conjunction with our ops team to process all inventory-related transactions from PO planning of packaging and finished goods to receiving.  
  • Conduct and document annual physical inventory counts in partnership with Distribution, Wholesale, DTC/Amazon, and Accounting and will be responsible for supporting the accuracy of inventory balances for the annual audit.
  • Provide reports & presentations bi-weekly and monthly. 
  • Assist with understanding our sales forecast platform and assist in forecast modeling, translate sales forecast into required inventory and production demands
  • Analyze sales, inventory levels, and other data statistics while also reviewing historical sales trends along with impacting occurrences.
  • Challenge sales forecast with relevant data analysis
  • Utilize modeling techniques to develop volume forecasts
  • Work alongside the Ops Director and Assistant to maintain the sales order forecast for all SKUs and customers.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as Finance, Sales, and Operations in order to execute and improve S&OP processes.
  • Manage SNOP process which includes interacting with sales & marketing to understand demand forecast drivers.  
  • Work alongside Ops & Sales Team in analyzing distributor inventory levels and ordering patterns in order to influence sales order execution and improve sales order forecast accuracy.
  • Align with the Sales team, marketing, and R&D to incorporate special events or circumstances into production demand planning 
  • Prepare inventory reporting for monthly borrowing base calculations that will be shared with the finance team.
  • Support new product launches
Background and Education
An undergraduate degree in statistics, methodology, or other quantitative field is preferred but not required.
  • Minimum two years of experience as an inventory analyst or planner
  • Desire to increase knowledge to grow into a hybrid role of including skills demonstrated by a demand planner
  • Experience analyzing complex data and presenting recommendations required.
  • Strong Excel skills and comfortable with Microsoft software applications, as well as an understanding of using Excel as your inventory tool, however, relevant skills around integrating and implementing to an MRP/ERP system are a plus. 
  • Experience in supply chain activities is required, including warehouse & inventory management. 
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and priorities
  • Ability to learn cGMP and related best practices
  • This position is remote and requires a strong ability to self-start and execute tasks without oversight.  A Strong work ethic with a motivation to grow and develop into a more senior position is ideal.
The base salary range for this position is $77k - $ 80k per year, In addition to salary, we offer all WLP employees an annual bonus opportunity and for the right candidate, an opportunity for stock as compensation after a year. 

A bit about White Leaf Provisions:
White Leaf Provisions is a female-run, family-owned business, dedicated to sourcing and creating the purest foods possible, grown in healthy, nutrient-dense soil. The ingredients used in our products are not only certified Organic and GMO-free, they are also regeneratively farmed®  Our Mission at White Leaf is to offer products with the utmost purity and transparency from farm to shelf. We created White Leaf because we understood that destructive modern agricultural practices are ravaging our soils – making our food less nutritious and more wrought with chemicals than ever before. We were inspired to go a step beyond organic and bring the first 100% regeneratively farmed, Organic & GMO-Free family foods line to retail in the US! Every White Leaf ingredient is farmed in a way that follows and supports nature, reducing our families’ exposure to toxic chemicals while healing the earth. 

Function Details
  • Reports To Director Of Operations
  • Direct Reports 2