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Posted January 14th

New England Territory Region Manager

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Posted January 14th

New England Territory Region Manager







Full Time

About The Position
The position of New England Territory Region Manager at Western Son Distillery will evolve as the business continues to grow and expand.  Initially, the position will entail managing the following:
   Distributor Management
1.       Responsible for managing all aspects of the ME, VT, NH, RI, MA, and CT marketing area for Western Son Distillery.
2.       Responsible for conducting kick-off meetings with local distributor to coincide with new product launches, line extensions, and incentive programs.

3.       Responsible for training all levels of the distributor (sales representatives and management) on the 
Western Son Distillery portfolio, positioning, and marketing plans, goals and objectives.
  Sales Management
4.       Responsible for ensuring that the distributor is accomplishing their monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales,
distribution, placement, and display objectives.
  Distributor Market Withs
5.       Responsible for working with a distributor sales representative or calling on key accounts by yourself 
every day of the week (5 days per week – Monday through Friday).   The New England Territory Manager
 should visit a minimum of 10 accounts per work with/day.  Work week is defined as Monday through Friday. 
6.       Schedule is flexible, but over 80% of time should be spent in the off premise until off premise is fully developed.
7.       Responsible for sending daily recaps after working in the market to distributor management, sales rep, 
and copying Western Son Distillery mgt. on daily accomplishments and follow up notes (recaps should 
be sent within 24 hours)
  Chain Management
8.       Responsible for calling on 
                                                                          i.      TBD etc.
  Sampling Events / Special Events
9.       Conducting sampling events every week 
                                                                          i.      Friday from 4pm to 7pm
10.   Work special events and Holiday Shows, showcasing the Western Son Distillery portfolio.
  Communication/Regular administrative work
11.   Ensure that you are communicating with corporate on a daily basis via phone (to discuss issues/
opportunities) and recapping time in the market via email.
12.   Sending all weekly and monthly required reporting including the on premise and off premise                                              distribution tracker, daily recaps, weekly preplan, plus any other required paperwork.