Watershed Distillery



About Us

The Watershed Story 

A Watershed moment might be pivotal. But it might also be quiet and fleeting. It could be a momentous occasion, a cause for celebration, an enormous triumph or a small, daily victory. A Watershed moment could be a rekindling or an observance or a gathering – any opportunity to relish with friends and family. It’s whatever you choose to ‘cheers’ to, who you’re gathered around, and whatever’s worth celebrating. 

We founded Watershed Distillery on the principles of community in 2010. We wanted to live in, work in and contribute to the community in which we grew up. We aimed to create spirits that stood apart in quality and character. Along the way, we set out to form a community of our own. One that could gather together to savor, celebrate and enjoy good spirits and company. 

We’ve grown from a tiny little still and two guys in jumpsuits to a dedicated team of over forty people, and two much larger stills. If you’re ever in the area, stop by so we can introduce you to our team and pour you some of our award-winning gin. Creating it was our Watershed Moment, but we want to hear about yours.