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About Us
Wandering Bear Coffee brings fresh, uniquely bold, smooth cold brew to homes and offices.

Our goal has always been to put the best-tasting coffee possible in your cup. We modeled our cold brew off the stuff we would often seek out from our favorite coffee shops around New York City. Our brew is bold (so it stands up to ice), but uniquely smooth with a bright, chocolaty finish. And it’s always ready to drink. 

We’re proud to say that we were the first to realize that putting cold brew coffee in a box with a tap was a really cool idea. Keeping our cold brew fresh was always a challenge when we brewed at home. So we eliminated the two things that make coffee go stale: air and light. Now you can have a personal tap in your home or office fridge. Push a button, customize and enjoy. 

Learn More: hello@wanderingbearcoffee.com