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Posted September 2nd

(USA) Senior Director II, Central Site Strategy, Operations, & Cross-Site Merchandising

Hoboken, New Jersey





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Posted September 2nd

(USA) Senior Director II, Central Site Strategy, Operations, & Cross-Site Merchandising

Hoboken, New Jersey






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Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Omni Channel Customer Focus: Designs, modifies, and institutionalizes omni-channel, customer-focused merchandising processes and culture.
Drives customer-focused recommendations and decisions across all customer touchpoints. Guides suppliers and vendors in developing customer focused
processes and products. Anticipates customer trends, influences customer demand through a deep understanding of customer requirements,
and demonstrates a depth of category vision.

Team Alignment: Identifies emerging customer shopping patterns and expectations to ensure Walmart has the appropriate site experience to address
trends while aligning to the business model and customer experience standards; driving a customer centered decision making approach among the
team through collection of and reaction to customer feedback; inspiring commitment within team and with stakeholders; and creating an environment
that fosters leadership development throughout the organization.

Transformative Talent Development: Assumes responsibility for recruitment/selection decisions, as well as terminations for team. Provides
performance related feedback, to direct reports; conducts performance appraisal. Provides associates with career guidance, development
opportunities by identifying capability gaps. Supports an inclusive & diverse environment following company guidelines.

Site Merchandising: Leads the Cross-Site Merchandising team, driving customer conversion on Defines and delivers on website
experience standards and style guides. Defines and executes taxonomy and structured data model at the cross-department and Homepage level and
ensures site-wide consistency. Supports new product launches in order to drive sales and customer interest. Advises on visual merchandising.
Guides development of site metrics, defines performance-tracking practices, and shares analysis with merchants to improve the overall customer

Site Campaign, Seasonal Events, Curation and Strategic Partnerships: Works collaboratively with marketing on campaign planning and execution.
Determines best practices around Home Page usage for campaigns and coordinates the Planning calendar. Guides the execution of Cross-Site
campaigns and events. Explores and generates strategic partnership opportunities with brands and companies in order to improve the overall
customer experience on

Site Strategy and Analytics: Leads the teams that provide insights on eCommerce performance by guiding on best practice measurement
methodologies that enable goal-driven, end-to-end digital performance analytics. Provides business analysis in order to drive eCommerce results.
Drives product conversion and customer satisfaction across channels by guiding teams on the development of strategic and tactical plans for key
customer metrics and long-term product strategy based on website data.

eCom Enablement: Manages collaboration with Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Site Merchandising teams to establish the website as a best-in-class
leader. Leads product team and strategy for product portfolios by leveraging research and networks to drive innovation and exploration of new
products, tools, and applications. Determines the prioritization of enhancements that improve the customer experience on and
associated platforms.

Cross Functional Leadership: Acts as a consultant and partners as a trusted advisor with SBU-aligned Site Merchandisers, ensuring long-term,
mutually beneficial relationships. Proactively seeks out and builds key relationships with optimal retailers/brands to improve product breadth, margin,
and sales for a category. Directs the development of Key Performance Indicators to improve customer conversion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
performance, and customer satisfaction. Defines and implements self-service support strategy. Coordinates with Marketing, Item Setup, Merchants,
Store Operations, Supply Chain, and Finance to develop the optimal customer journey online.

Site Services: Delivers customer convenience services (for example, Baby Registries, Wedding Registries, customer lists). Ideates and tests new
services that deliver positive customer website/application experiences and convenience.

Site Optimization: Uses tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of the website in order to drive more traffic, increase
conversions, and grow revenue. Conducts quantitative and qualitative research on key pages of the website that determine the impact on conversion
rates, revenue, and average order values. Identifies the best version of website page elements, leading to higher customer efficiency and generating
greater return on investment on customer acquisition and traffic-generating campaigns (for example, web searches, online advertising platforms,
social media, email marketing).

Continuous Transformation: Understanding of the necessity of evolving the business to remain competitive and ability to understand, adapt oneself to,
respond to and proactively seek changes and innovation in the business environment to improve the competitive advantage of an organization.

Data and Digital Acumen: Leverages data to make real-time decisions, anticipate business questions, drive hypothesis formulation, guide testing, and
build data-driven culture. Conceptualizes technology-enabled solutions, guides prototyping and testing, and facilitates learning. Reviews the impact of
digital technologies in alignment with the overall organizational strategy that drives process efficiencies or enables cost reduction. Uses visualization

tools to represent data and construct coherent stories to influence decisions.

Provides overall direction by analyzing business objectives and customer needs; developing, communicating, building support for, and implementing
business strategies, plans, and practices; analyzing costs and forecasts and incorporating them into business plans; determining and supporting
resource requirements; evaluating operational processes; measuring outcomes to ensure desired results; identifying and capitalizing on improvement
opportunities; promoting a customer environment; and demonstrating adaptability and sponsoring continuous learning.

Develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce by diagnosing capability gaps; recruiting,
selecting, and developing talent; supporting mentorship, workforce development, and succession planning; and leveraging the capabilities of new and
existing talent.

Cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics by integrating these values into all
programs and practices; developing consequences for violations or non-compliance; and supporting the Open Door Policy.

Develops and leverages internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals by sponsoring and leading
key community outreach and involvement initiatives; engaging key stakeholders in the development, execution, and evaluation of appropriate
business plans and initiatives; and supporting associate efforts in these areas.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Bachelor Degree in business or related field or 4 years' equivalent experience
3 years' supervisory experience

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Business, Merchandising, or Site Experience, Supervisory experience

Masters: Business

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Hoboken, New Jersey