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About Us
Inspired by the Virago, a heroic woman of great strength, courage, determination, and vision, we work to infuse those very characteristics - the spirit of Virago - into everything we do and all that we make. Virago Spirits promotes strength of character and honors those who personify the Spirit of Virago.  At Virago Spirits, we look for staff members who embrace this philosophy and who share a passion for our vision.  This is a rare opportunity to jump into a growing, independent distillery where we all wear many hats.  This is a hard-working team that strives to create outstanding products and have fun along the way. Virago Spirits opened its doors in Richmond, Virginia in November 2018 with a goal of educating the world on “forgotten spirits.” We specialize in gins and aged rums. We bridge the gap between traditional and modern distillation techniques and aging practices. We use high-quality ingredients and adhere to strict distillation methods. Our spirits have won many awards including Double Gold, Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Category in multiple premier beverage competitions. We are proud of the work that we do and the spirits that we produce.  We are looking for someone who is passionate, self-motivated, numbers-driven, professional, and who yearns to be part of a growing team.