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Posted February 20th

Inventory and Logistics Manager

Henderson, NV


Umpqua Foods LLC


Production and Manufacturing

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Posted February 20th

Inventory and Logistics Manager

Henderson, NV






$70,000 to $80,000


Full Time

About The Position
This position plays a critical role in coordinating inventory replenishment and logistics management. The manager can work from home with occasional travel to main office, plant and 3PL warehouses.
JOB DESCRIPTION SUMMARY:  The Inventory and Logistics Manager plays a critical role in coordinating inventory replenishment and logistics management.  This role will serve as the primary liaison between sales forecasting and Operations to validate we maintain the right amount of inventories at the right place and time to optimize cash flow and to ensure Sales Orders are accurately and timely fulfilled.  This role will also help build and maintain our logistics network and systems, including carrier pricing and management as well as our Transportation Management System (TMS).  This person will aid in other Operations functions to support growth and continuously improve service levels and Operations functions.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with peer groups and leadership to share best practices, problem solving and drive team performance.
  • Act as primary liaison with the Forecast team to report actual sales to forecast, assess and resolve inventory stock level issues by location. 
  • Help systematize the various aspects of inventory replenishment and logistics functions in our inventory management systems, Traffic Management System (TMS) and 3PLs’ Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Work with 3PL to ensure accurate and on-time order fulfillment.
  • Enter/ maintain lanes, sailing schedules and last-mile delivery scenarios in the TMS to consolidate and optimize orders to decrease freight out costs.
  • Help analyze best 3PL Options.
  • Monitor finished goods (FG) and raw materials (RM) inventory data/ reports to help optimize inventory levels between the 3PLs to increase turns without affecting service levels.
  • Assist/ Work with carriers to monitor and improve service and lower costs.  May issue carrier report cards.  
  • Own all areas of the Supply Chain including understanding QuickBooks monitoring MRP, placing FG/ packaging/ ingredient orders, etc.
  • Own/Assist with all international documentation for export import of finished goods and raw materials
  • Analyze, identify and implement improvement opportunities, and provide reports for the following:
  • Analyze freight rates by lane, volume, new business, growth, and provide input to improve performance and decrease costs.  Suggest improvements to lanes, sailing schedules and last-mile delivery scenarios.
  • Analyze inventory lead times and levels by warehouse and provide feedback/ reports to optimize inventories to ensure company meets service levels while increasing turns and avoiding obsolescence.  
  • After analysis and approval, may update QuickBooks with desired days of inventory stock levels and lead times
  • Review and analyze 3PL invoices for accuracy and suggest areas for improvement.
  • Own key metrics such as time to onboard, customer satisfaction, average handle time, customer advocacy and customer retention rate.
  • Other Operations duties and projects as needed.
·         Bachelor’s Degree with 3-5 years of experience in Operations, Supply Chain and/ or Sales Operations.
·         Knowledge and understanding of Sales Order management, from order entry through order fulfillment.
·         Knowledge/ experience utilizing EDI for order entry and fulfillment.
·         Knowledge/ experience working with various Operations systems (ERP, MRP, TMS, WMS) and how they work together.
·         Position requires self-direction, strong attention to detail, ability to multi-task, flexibility, excellent problem solving and follow-through skills, high integrity and judgement, and the ability to prioritize and execute in a fast-paced environment.
·         Experience working with business ERP systems; QuickBooks preferred.
·         Strong analytical, problem-solving, time-management, and computer skills (Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Comfortable in communicating with and dealing directly with Sales, customers, logistics partners and management.
·         Analytical and process-oriented mindset.  Demonstrates a desire for continuous learning and improvement.
·         Proven track record of success in making customers happy, satisfied, and successful.  Ideally combined background of post-sale and pre-sales experience.
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Operations
  • Direct Reports 1