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Posted September 23rd

Regional / Area Sales Manager (Florida) - UME Plum Liqueur

Miami, Florida

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Posted September 23rd

Regional / Area Sales Manager (Florida) - UME Plum Liqueur







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About The Position
What is UME Plum Liqueur?
UME Plum Liqueur is a plum-flavored spirit founded in late 2020 by two NYC women with a vision of bringing to market a drink that is an experience in and of itself. With an alcohol content of 17%, UME can be used as a base spirit or mixer in a wide array of cocktails.  Handcrafted in California using all-natural plums, dark cherries and grapes, UME is delightfully tart and mildly sweet. With its royal purple hue that transforms when mixed, UME is not just a drink, but a Purple Potion, unlike anything on the market today. 

About The Opportunity:
UME launched in NYC in June 2021 to an overwhelming response, and has since expanded to Florida and New Jersey. In our first year, UME has achieved menu placements at top tier restaurants and mixology bars. We have been featured alongside major brands at high-profile cultural events, while expanding our presence in national and independent retailers.
We are expanding rapidly and seeking a highly motivated, entrepreneurial Sales Manager to join the team at an exciting moment in the Company’s development. This candidate will have the opportunity to work alongside the founding team as we continue expanding UME across Florida.

The ideal candidate brings 3+ years of industry experience, including relationships and knowledge of the Miami / Florida market. Excitement and passion about an opportunity to build a completely new brand is a must. Creativity, motivation, enthusiasm, and a passion for growing alongside the brand will be key to success in this role.

Why is this a great opportunity?  
You have the opportunity to change the way people drink, reshape and revitalize the cocktail landscape.  You will be joining a visionary founding team who developed a game-changing spirit that brings delight and joyful surprise to those who experience it. This is not a job in a major corporate machine - you will be responsible for creating strategy, directly affecting the development and growth trajectory of an exciting new brand. Compensation will include equity incentive to align the Company’s success with yours. 

Working at UME Plum Liqueur is a chance to question the staid, old guard of drinking and celebrate a new era of togetherness and sharing genuinely delicious, sensual beverages. If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of an exciting and challenging adventure, to join a rapidly growing, game-changing spirit, we welcome you to join the World of UME. 

How you will make an impact: 
  • Work with the founding team to develop and execute a fast-growing and high ROI sales funnel in Florida
  • Leverage existing industry relationships, identify and build new relationships with accounts that are a strong cultural and strategic fit with the UME brand
  • Serve as the brand ambassador and maintain strong presence with existing accounts to keep UME front of mind
  • Identify and execute opportunities to further brand reach by developing creative solutions to improve visibility in accounts -- influencing cocktail menu and physical placement of product and brand assets
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to create best-in-class solutions to educate accounts, stakeholders, and consumers about the versatility and magic of UME 
  • Conduct engaging educational sessions, collaborate on cocktail development, and fully engage on-premise staff with the UME brand
  • Collaborate with the distributor to ensure orders are placed and received, providing accounts with “white glove” customer service 
  • Bring actionable product, marketing feedback and insights to the executive team
  • Develop brand partnerships that intrigue and educate potential customers on UME Plum Liqueur
Who we are looking for: 
  • You are creative, nimble and hard-working
  • You are able to identify and balance the needs of different stakeholders, approaching challenges with confidence, poise and integrity
  • You dream about being part of an exciting brand growth story
  • You are motivated by a fast-paced environment filled with challenges and adventure
  • You have 3+ years of relevant beverage industry experience
  • You have a demonstrated ability to manage and develop relationships across the industry  
  • You are an out-of-the box thinker; you aren’t afraid to ask questions, develop solutions and execute ideas 
  • You have some background and knowledge of cocktail making / mixology
  • You are results and success-oriented, while committed to operating with integrity, honesty and respect
Our Values:
At UME, inclusivity is not a policy, it is who we are. We fundamentally believe that diversity is not just a box to be checked, rather we celebrate differences in race, cultural heritage, gender identity, sexuality and experiences. The founders’ relationship was forged from a shared passion for building an inclusive community and sharing joy. The World of UME that we are creating is about adventure, open-mindedness, and above all a celebration of our ability to be together - U & ME.

Inclusivity, respect, integrity and sharing are the core values of UME. In UME’s World, we welcome anyone who comes with an open heart and curious mind.

Compensation and Benefits: 
Competitive cash and equity compensation package including base + performance-based bonus. Generous benefits and flexible PTO policies. 

To apply, use the link above for more information.

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Function Details
  • Reports To CEO