UME Plum Liqueur



About Us
UME Plum Liqueur is a plum-flavored spirit founded in late 2020 by two NYC women with a vision of bringing to market a drink that is an experience in and of itself. With an alcohol content of 17%, UME can be used as a base spirit or mixer in a wide array of cocktails.  Handcrafted in California using all-natural plums, dark cherries and grapes, UME is delightfully tart and mildly sweet. With its royal purple hue that transforms when mixed, UME is not just a drink, but a Purple Potion, unlike anything on the market today. 

UME launched in NYC in June 2021 to an overwhelming response, and has since expanded to Florida and New Jersey. In our first year since launch, UME has expanded rapidly, achieving menu placements at top tier restaurants and bars, features alongside major brands at high profile events, while expanding our presence in national and independent off-premise accounts.

Website: https://www.drinkUME.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drinkUME