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Posted August 7th

UbU Territory Manager - San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CA



UBU Beverages


Production and Manufacturing

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Posted August 7th

UbU Territory Manager - San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CA




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About The Position
As a UbU Territory Manager, you will actively help us establish and grow our premium brand presence in the San Fransisco Bay area. From finding the right accounts based on criterias/opening/developing to managing some of the best accounts..
UbU Beverages LLC is a Santa Monica, California-based company that creates sparkling functional tonics free of sugar, sweeteners and caffeine, with a mission to naturally empower people to be their best, balanced selves.
Whether you need vitality and focus with UbU Organic Natural Energy, or the benefits of full spectrum hemp with UbU Organic Hemp Tonic, each bottle provides an immune system boost, supports digestive health, and promotes hydration. Committed to you and the planet, the company uses only the best, tested, traceable ingredients and plastic-free, eco-friendly materials. UbU is mindfulness inside and out!

Overall description
As a UbU Territory Manager, you will actively help us to establish and grow our premium brand presence in the San Fransisco Bay area. From finding the right accounts based on criterias / opening / developing to managing some of the best accounts in your region, you will leverage your knowledge of the Food & Beverage landscape to differentiate UbU from the competition. This position will report directly to the Chief Commercial Officer. As a pioneer in our space, our sales team will partner up with you to make sure you are successful.

●    Establishing and increasing product distribution
●    Performing on specific sales channel strategies and initiatives
●    Leading the sales process with our customers
●    Managing and challenging budgets
●    Achieving sales activation and marketing initiatives
●    Working with distributors and distributor sales reps to gain new placements
●    Having a blast while doing it
In more details, your role includes (but not limited to):
Develop the market:
●    Leveraging a strong and proven understanding of relevant sales channels / accounts in order to source viable “new business” opportunities
●    Utilizing our internal CRM to better track your successes and goals 
●    Negotiating using strong sales skills 
●    Working closely with distributors and growing market penetration while assuring accounts product deliveries
●    Building clear, concise, and actionable recaps for UbU’s Chief Commercial Officer

Nurture the market:
●    Providing ongoing account maintenance depending on UbU account classification 
●    Meeting expectations with regards to distribution, visibility and pricing 
●    Driving trial and educating customers/partners/consumers on our brand values and benefits 
●    Overseeing sampling executions from our suppliers (coaching, reporting,etc) 
●    Performing in-accounts demos (demo set up, breakdown, recapping, etc.)
●    Merchandising and having the ability to explore incremental opportunities within the store 
●    Ensuring new account growth plans and targets are met.
●    Managing monthly results vs sales targets vs budgets
Promote UbU product line up:
●    Executing regional and national promotions across all channels
●    Identifying and outlining promotional tactics by channel and by sku
●    Creating synergies between sales & marketing through coordinated sampling efforts/PR/event 
●    Attend various events, sampling opportunities throughout the community to build brand awareness
●    Connect with local key influencers through drops and seeding
Team Work:
●    Communicating successes that can be replicated by other UbU Territory Managers and other colleagues
●    Participating in weekly/monthly/quarterly meetings in person or remotely
●    Assisting and leading other UbU department when it comes to understanding your accounts needs/asks across all channels.
●    Helping the account receivable team to collect payments (credit card/cheques)
●    Managing and tracking results for internal/external reporting
●    Sharing best practices with customers in an effort to duplicate success in similar accounts
What you are contributing with:
●    Minimum 2 years of sales experience in the Food & Beverage industry or outside sales
●    Local knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry and trade
●    Experience managing multiple sales channels
●    Exceptional communication skills, including presenting, negotiating and persuasion abilities
●    Strong planning and project management competencies

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San Francisco, CA
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Commercial Officer