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Broker and Consultant

About Us
Thoroughbred is a firm dedicated entirely to helping new, regional and national spirits companies build their brands and find success. Our diversified team of experts offers a full suite of services for the industry, including concept and product development, financial and business planning, branding and packaging design, distribution and sales, distillery planning and marketing.

Having worked in every facet of the spirits industry, the Thoroughbred team understands first-hand the keys to success and the risks of failing. We’ve done everything from building distilleries and brands entirely from the ground up to helping established brands reorganize for increased success. We have also helped non-spirits companies such as breweries, wineries, and farmers diversify by entering the spirits market.

We feel that our greatest responsibility is to provide you with honest insight to help you make tough decisions. Whether you bring us on board for a single short project or a long-term partnership, Thoroughbred is committed to helping you succeed at every step along the way.