The Real Coconut Products Co. LLC

About Us
SANA Foods is a consumer packaged foods company with its headquarters in Southern California. The company was founded by Daniella Hunter and has evolved into a leading global food operation curated  by Real Coconut Kitchens. The original Real Coconut restaurant is situated on the stunning beach at the award winning Sanará Tulum.

All the menu items in the restaurant and the resulting packaged food products are dedicated to digestive health and are free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugars. This commitment is even further exemplified by Daniella's role as director of The Belize Sustainable Development Company, which works directly with the Belizean government on creating progressive fair trade, farming economies, that support small scale farmers, biodiversity and the environment at large.  

Our organic coconut flour tortilla chips and organic coconut flour tortillas are now available across the USA in over 5,000 stores.