The Lil' Pops

About Us
We are The Lil’ Pops, an innovative food startup specializing in all things sorghum. Our ambition is to create a range of sorghum grain products to go across retail category and channel, making this 8,000 year old grain of the past the sustainable grain of the future. Our first product is a popped ancient grain cluster. It looks like small popcorn, but entirely corn-free. This product is a better-for-you take on a cracker jack. Sorghum is an 8,000 year old ancient grain. It's US grown, drought resilient, part of regenerative farming practices, and never GMO. 

We are based in WeWork’s Food Labs in Chelsea. Food Labs is a co-working space full of food startups, CPG service providers, and freelancers who are hardworking leaders in the natural products space. It is a great, supportive, and positive environment.

Here in the office, no two days are ever alike. We work at record speed and are looking for people who thrive in a fast paced, innovative environment and are willing to, and comfortable with  “building the plane while flying it too.”