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About Us
The Last Coat is on a mission to make the world a shinier place, one vehicle at a time. We help our customers to get a World-Class, Head-Turning Shine in Half the Time.
Now, instead of talking about how great we think we are, or how fancy and sizable our operations are or whatever else, what we'd like to do is tell you how we started out.

About the grassroots of our company. Bootstrapped and built on a true foundation of hard work ethic, a quality product line, and providing exceptional customer service to every customer we serve.
We started out as a small, garage operation. A two-man show at first, then with help from friends and family, manually filling bottles with a funnel and a weight scale.

In a short amount of time, we outgrew our two-man garage operation. Which is great, but we always remember where we came from and what helped us from the start.

We're different in that, we know what it's like starting from the ground up. We're still DIY'ers and car enthusiasts ourselves. We're still in the field testing, tweaking, and perfecting our products. 

We chat with our customers regularly, getting to know what they want, what they don't want, and why they have such passion for shining up their cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

We made a promise to ourselves, and we make that promise to every customer we serve. And that promise is to always hold our product quality and customer service to the highest standard. 

Our mission is so that every customer that has purchased one of our products feels they had a great experience from start to finish, with every touch point of our company.

We're now looking to take The Last Coat to new heights, and that means we are looking for incredible people to join our team.

Thanks for checking out our profile, talk to you soon.