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Posted August 25th

Activation Manager - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

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Posted August 25th

Activation Manager - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV




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Full Time

About The Position
The role of the Hive Activation Manager is a hands-on position meant to drive sales volume and brand visibility of Brown-Forman’s spirits brands.
Overview of Role
The role of the Hive Activation Manager is a hands-on position meant to drive sales volume and brand visibility of Brown-Forman’s spirits brands. The role will achieve success through the activation of those brands’ national platforms in local bars and restaurants, targeting consumers as well as hospitality professionals. The position includes sales, target account management, brand & category training, and the tactical activation of creative, engaging brand experiences in the on-premise and non-traditional venues. This exciting role includes interaction with the local distributor to facilitate target account programs and provide excellent communication to, ensuring strategic sales growth and successful consumer engagement.  
While the Hive Activation Manager will be responsible for many brands in Brown-Forman’s portfolio, the breakdown of time spent on each brand will be determined by national brand platforms/priorities, as well as the needs of their local market teams.
Reporting Line: 
Direct – Hive Regional Director
Indirect – B-F State Manager, B-F Market Manager & B-F National Accounts Manager

General Info:
  • Accept and embrace Hive U.S. and Brown-Forman corporate philosophies.
  • Effectively communicates to appropriate parties and managers.
  • Clearly exhibit ideas and thoughts both orally and in written form.
  • Use appropriate communication methods.
  • Assists and supports coworkers, works cooperatively in groups and actively resolves conflicts through tact, consideration and a spirit of teamwork and leadership.
  • Meet all commitments and deadlines and respond promptly to Brown-Forman needs.
  • In collaboration with the local team, set expectations and monitor delegated activities and provide recognition for results.
  • Exhibit sound judgment and be able to support and explain reasoning behind decisions.
  • Understand and communicate the essence of Brown-Forman brands through the execution of all program events within the respective market.
  • Create, cultivate, and manage relationships with multicultural consumers & trade as appropriate to the brand priorities and target market demographics
  • Fully understand and abide by all Hive and Brown-Forman legal compliances and digital compliance standards. 
Key Position Deliverables:
  • Understand the full history and all brand related facts to the promotable brand/brand portfolio.  Be the Expert!
  • Work with Brown-Forman field sales teams, key local distributor representatives and key account contacts in the management and execution of promotional brand objectives.
  • Execution of On-Premise promotions, activations, special events, and B-F Programs 
  • Schedule promotions / events at target accounts in conjunction with Brown-Forman, distributor management, and sales reps. 
  • Feedback on event effectiveness of activations in a timely manner, in qualitative and quantitative forms
  • Manage the sales to a key set of on-premise accounts (about 10 after 90 days) in target market, as informed by Brown-Forman Brand priorities
  • Ensure proper brand positioning and messaging in target market’s e-premise sphere
  • Seek out opportunities & lead creative planning/execution of brand activations in non-traditional spaces (digital, in-home activations for consumers, etc.)
  • Integrate multicultural accounts into your target account list to a percentage aligned with demographics, brand priorities, and target consumer profiles
  • In partnership with the Field Marketing Managers, develop creative consumer-facing activation plans that bring to life national brand platforms in target market accounts (on-premise)
  • Manage the activation of aforementioned consumer-facing events (planning and promotion) in partnership with target accounts
  • Leverage aforementioned activations for brand distribution, menu features and placements in target account set
  • Communicate market activities to Hive Management and BF contact, showcasing volume and visibility wins
  • Act as a key point of contact for coordinating merchandise/POS delivery to promote national brand platforms in key accounts.
  • Work closely with distributors to communicate all brand expectations and ensure correct consumer and general market trade engagement.
  • Build long-term brand presence while building long-term relationships with hospitality professionals in target accounts
  • Manage ambassador brand training with our Reno agency partner.  
  • Conduct account surveys in Google Forms. 
Financial Management
  • Strictly manage strategic activation budget by monitoring aligning expenses with output along brand guidelines
  • Manage target accounts’ POS orders, delivery, and implementation surround target brands
  • Maintain and track personal expense reporting and trackers for market activities.  
Job Requirements
  • College Degree preferred. Marketing/Business experience preferred.
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • 2-3 years industry experience and a passion for the spirits industry; extensive premium whiskey category knowledge is a definite plus.
  • Fluent in English
  • Must have general computer knowledge and be able to work different programs on an iPad. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills; excellent training and media handling skills.
  • Confidence working in range of on-premise environments, from high-end hotels to dive bars
  • Organized, ambitious, self-starter, outgoing, charismatic personality, independent but also a team player.
  • In-depth understanding of target consumer, spirit brand priorities, and the three-tiered system of selling
  • Adept at selling and interacting with diverse groups of people.
  • Ability to work non-traditional work hours is required (holidays, nights and weekends).
  • Extensive drive time within the respective market will be required; therefore, reliable transportation is a must.
  • Ability to lift 20+ pounds at one time
Additional Information:
  • Bonus opportunity distributed every four months if goals are met
  • Yearly car allowance
  • Monthly communication budget for cell phone and internet
  • Monthly T&E/Travel Budget
  • Health Insurance available 
We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.
The Hive US
The Hive is an independent full-service creative advertising and strategic marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Rogers, Reebok, Molson Coors International, SABMiller, Ontario Lottery and Gaming and Brown-Forman. We believe in inventing what’s right: right for the client, the consumer, the time and whenever possible, right for the world.
Recognizing the emergence of a new communication model based on brand conversations, we’ve focused primarily on developing the relationships between our clients’ brands and consumers’ core human values; values that transcend geography, demographics and culture.
Function Details
  • Reports To Hive Regional Director
  • Direct Reports 1