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About Us
During the 1920’s, Roberto Mares Sr. and his family left Mexico due to the Cristero Revolution and fled to the U.S. during Prohibition. With Prohibition came great opportunity.  Mares harvested the local blue agave, fermented and distilled it, and then drove to the speakeasies of San Diego and Los Angeles, selling his Tequila to support their family.  The Carlsbad speakeasy, The Captain Charles Kenneth, still sells our award winning three year tequila, The Bad Stuff Extra Anejo!

The Mares Family and Soto Family married and the craft of making Tequila was passed down.  Two generations later Felipe Soto Mares, a master tequila maker, has perfected this recipe.

Today, The Bad Stuff Tequila continues to innovate new recipes, and currently is gearing up to present an incredible special batch of 5 year aged Tequila.  The future will include the release of a specialty reposado, a specialty blanco (silver tequila), and a family dedication aged Tequila.