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Posted February 23rd

Supply Chain Manager

Torrance, CA


Terrafertil US LLC


Production and Manufacturing and Supplier

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Posted February 23rd

Supply Chain Manager

Torrance, CA




Senior Level




Full Time

About The Position
The Supply Chain Analyst will manage our network of third-party manufacturing facilities, reducing costs and optimizing production. Robust analytical skills and strong negotiation skills are required.
Responsibilities & Duties
•       Create production schedules for all SKUs at all production sites, with a keen eye for optimizing run size, minimizing shrinkage, and negotiating costs.
•       Oversee all third party production runs to ensure that inventory management protocols, batching protocols, QA procedures, reporting, and all related workflows are properly managed
•       Responsible for establishing new relationships with potential new manufacturing facilities and running robust analyses to assess viability and cost-saving potential at new locations.
•       Seek to improve all aspects of the supply chain department by reviewing current methodology and processes.
•       Design and implement methods to gather and manage supply chain data to continuously reduce costs and improve margins
•       Work closely with Procurement Manager and Logistics Manager to find creative ways to manage material flows, streamline processes and reduce costs for the company across all areas of the supply chain.
•       Support General Manager to achieve profitability, increase efficiency and accuracy of all planned production.

Basic Qualifications & Skills
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working in supply chain
  • Diverse experience across procurement, production management and logistics required. Candidates with experience in only one vertical (like logistics or factory management) will not be considered.
  • Preferred to have experience working with powdered products and/or fruit and nut ingredients.
  • Experience designing and implementing a supply chain strategy, and ability to think big about strategic decisions while also finding ways to reduce COGS by even $0.01
  • BA or BS Degree
  • Ability to synthesize information to see where problems exist and follow through execution of solutions.
  • Proficient in computer office systems Word and Excel. 
  • High level of organization, integrity and ethics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
Function Details
  • Reports To General Manager