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Posted June 24th

Consumer Advocate - Plume and Petal Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina

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Posted June 24th

Consumer Advocate - Plume and Petal Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina






Part Time


In short, our purpose at TEAM is to blow people's minds and steal their hearts with incredible brand experiences. We want you to help us help our brands do amazing, unprecedented, wildly creative things, creating moments that people never forget and that people will want to share with others. To make all that great work happen takes a lot of coordination and organization behind the scenes.


People may forget your witty hashtag and your latest campaign tagline, but they will never forget how you made them feel. That's because what a brand does is much more important that what is says. Actions speak louder than advertising and marketing. Experiences are what create real connections that lead to brand love and that's what we do at TEAM. We're a fun, collaborative, hard working group with a great office environment who takes care of our employees, to ensure that both in work and in life you experience something greater.


TEAM Enterprises is looking for a Part-Time Consumer Advocate (CA) to help us build a fairly new brand of mid-proof low-calorie vodka infused with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

You'll grow the brand organically by doing what you already love doing: hosting small get-togethers in your neighborhood, sharing tips and recipes with new and old friends, or popping up at boutique gyms, salons, shops and other places you already frequent to introduce the product to new consumers. You'll also be sampling the product at large gatherings like networking and charity events. This is more than a marketing role; this is a chance to truly engage with like-minded people in your community, forming real face-to-face connections as this brand grows with you.

As a Consumer Advocate, you are the link between the brand and consumers. You'll plan and execute events that fit your lifestyle, support local causes you feel passionately about and fit the brand ethos, or simply bring a bottle to your next gathering. You'll also be asked to use your own social network to promote this brand digitally, with the opportunity to grow your following as you grow with this role. As a brand ambassador, you will be asked to:

• Own and develop a plan to showcase the brand in your focus market using the tools and resources provided to you

• Get creative to help ensure the brand is visible to consumers in your focus market

• Plan and execute small gatherings (i.e. book clubs, brunches or midweek get-togethers) or samplings at boutiques, salons, or gyms

• Tap into your social-media savviness to promote the brand digitally and grow your own social network.

• Develop a productive and effective working relationship with new and assigned retail accounts with the support of local sales teams.

• Create raving fans of our brand by forming relationships

• Know your market, spot and set the trends and be culturally connected


• A confident, self-motivated, and socially connected person looking to increase their local influence while improving their marketing savvy as they launch a new product

• Must be able to dedicate 25 hours a month

• Strong organizational skills

• A creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit and a 'can do' attitude

• The ability to motivate others to develop a positive brand perception and drive purchase choice

• An active user of social media platforms, though no specific follower count is required

• The ability to communicate effectively and timely both orally and in writing


TEAM is an award-winning experiential marketing agency that develops and executes creative marketing campaigns rooted in strategy, insights and decades of learning. We partner with the best brands and people to deliver experiences that create inspiration at the point of engagement. Our roster of talent is essential to executing quality campaigns which live up to our high standards. Visit us online on our website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
Charleston, South Carolina