TALEA Beer Co.



About Us
Both avid homebrewers with MBAs, LeAnn and Tara met after leaving their corporate jobs in tech and media to join the beer industry. Working together on a daily basis, their passions quickly aligned and they realized a shared vision: to create a beer company that would expand the craft beer market.

After years of browsing beer aisles and visiting breweries, they found that despite the booming craft beer market, no breweries were actively trying to speak to customers like them. Many beers were in intimidating and confusing packaging, most breweries were dark and industrial, and the majority of craft beer branding was (and still is) targeted towards the typical beer bros. 

Tara and LeAnn knew there was an opportunity to speak to a broader audience and launched TALEA, creating  "easy-drinking beers, perhaps to replace that glass of rosé" (Florence Fabricant, The New York Times). TALEA's beers are at the intersection of high quality and low-bitterness with fruit-forward flavors; beers that you can comfortably share with your hard-seltzer and wine-drinking friends, or open with the most discerning beer connoisseur.

TALEA's hazy IPAs and fruited sours are available across NYC. The TALEA taproom will open in 2021 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, bringing a beautiful, welcoming, education-focused experience to NYC.